Belong's Success Stories

See how Belong brings value to customers and patients


10X Faster access to a cohort of TNBC patients

Belong’s success story: 8X Quicker results for market research and understanding of patient journeys….

2X ROI conversion rate compared to traditional media

See how Belong’s platform managed to reduce 40% internal costs while doubling the conversion rate….

Antonio the MS Warrior

“I wish I had known about this app when I was first diagnosed” MS Warrior,…

The app that supports those diagnosed with cancer

“Belong app helped me get through two different cancer diagnoses” Although users are anonymous,…

“A group of strangers helped me go through cancer treatments”

Connecting with people in similar circumstances is invaluable Fiona Kane, 56, a former analyst from…

Sometimes there is healing in an app

Belong Beating Cancer Together helps Mark find community, strength and purpose Mark Werner, a truly…
Measuring Success

Improving lives of millions

See how users express their appreciation for the work does and the impact…
Among our Customers & Partners
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