All your communities and care in a place where you Belong

Support your patients through their individual journeys
by having a dedicated community, sharing educational materials,
hosting virtual events, providing discussion groups, and more.

i-Belong all in one high engagement platform
allowing advocacy groups, providers,
health plans and other health ecosystem players
to easily build their own self-managed online patient communities

Digital Support Program

Vibrant Community

Private or Shared Timeline and Event Management

Collaborative Medical Binder

A Social Network for Patient Engagement

Create your own secure and safe community where patients can meet and converse with other patients, professionals, consultants and caregivers.


Connecting Communities

Create a vibrant community that reflects your values and drives results.

Belong.Life – Meaningful Patient Care & Community Platforms

The creator of social and professional networks for managing and navigating various diseases and patient journeys.
The company’s mission is to improve quality of life and quality of care for patients around the world through technology, engagement, data and AI.

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