World’s Best Digital Health Companies 2024

April 2024.

Partnering with Statista, Newsweek has identified the top digital health companies transforming healthcare, with Belong.Life ranked one of the top companies in the world in the Medical Management category.

From the article:

Digital health is a burgeoning global industry. If you have a remote appointment with a doctor or other health care provider, wear a medical device or download electronic medical records, you’ve employed a digital health product.

Data intelligence platform Statista predicts the global digital health market will exhibit a compound annual growth rate of more than 9 percent through 2028, when it will arrive at a projected market volume of $275 billion. Such tremendous growth can create confusion. How can would-be patients or medical providers assess which products, services or data-suppliers are most reliable and best able to meet their needs?

To help identify the new services and technologies that are transforming health care, Newsweek is partnering with Statista for the inaugural ranking of the World’s Best Digital Health Companies. The list includes 400 companies based in 35 countries; they represent seven industry segments including diagnostics, health records, medical management and telehealth.

Each firm’s score was based on an analysis of several areas, including its financial performance and traffic data for its websites and apps. In addition, market intelligence company Holon IQ provided data on the impact of each business’s product or service and the expertise of its leadership.

The full list>

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