Perfecting patient education, engagement
and navigation

Powered by the patient engagement platform


Perfecting patient education,
engagement and navigation

Powered by

 patient engagement platform ​







What do you get

Chat with Doctors

Chat with leading oncologists, radiologists, researchers & nurses who answer your questions

social Strength

Assistance, tips, and support from a vast social network of others with cancer

Store your files

Organize and manage your documents securely on your mobile device, and share easily with family and medical professionals


Personalized information and notifications. Access to a free robust clinical trial matching service specific to your type of cancer

Play Video

Like a GPS for cancer patients

Structured & individually tailored journey navigation platform

  • Putting patients in the center
  • Connecting patients with their ecosystem
  • Delivering all navigation tools in one place
  • Be present at every step of the treatment journey

Leveraging AI & machine learning for a hyper-personalized experience

No two cancer journeys are alike. Each patient has a unique journey, and therefore, different needs. This is where Belong’s AI kicks in:

  • Personalized content & updates
  • Automatic selection of communities & professionals
  • Find patients that are on the same path as you are

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fighting 12345
fighting 12345
Not alone
This app is wonderful !!you read so much on the internet about nutrition when going through chemo it is so overwhelming!!!!! Here you are talking to real people who are going through the same thing and who understand your fears and concerns! You get first hand heartfelt advice on nutrition and so much more !!! I could go on and on!! I just want to say thank you
Excellent Support
Not only is this an excellent support blog, it is also an excellent resource site. Opinions and treatment vary from person to person, but when someone is gathering information this site offers so much from individuals experiences, it lets you be aware of options and then you can decide accordingly for yourself.
If u have cancer u need this app I have it and it’s amazing I have meet so many amazing ladies!!
A Google user
A Google user
Jan 28 ,2019
Hello I have had a mastectomy due to breast cancer almost a year ago and I have been reading the comments and found them vey helpful..thing I never thought of asking and how to evaluate my situation..thanks so much!
I absolutely love this app!! It really helps to be able to share your story as we all have one!! The main thing is, we are not alone, this fight is all of us together!! Every experience that is shared, fear expressed, hope given, let’s all of us know that there is someone out there that has faced the same cancer demon!!! Thank you Belong, for giving us a family that bridges the miles, gives us all hope and puts our fears to rest!! Thank you Jesus, that you are with us every step of the way!!!
A Google User
A Google User
Nov 5, 2017
It's very encouraging, compassion is showed all the time , pink sisters are awesome, been on it a few, days and love, it It totally help me to see am not , alone , so many people are fighting ,all types of cancers am glad to see ,there is so much, support out there, God is good , we are not fighting alone, cancer research has come so very, far especially, with breast cancer , we have hope and we fight, believe, when we have reason not to believe, have faith. The app is great.
A Google User
A Google User
June 22, 2017
I like being able to ask questions and get answers from an oncologist. I forget to ask my oncologist lots of things, because he seems so busy.
I'm glad i found this application
Helps me to find the answers to many subjects related to treatments, Learn about new breakthroughs in medicine that are relevant And To get a good advice from well experienced doctors.
Go right
You have an excellent topics for the universe.It will help a lot of people emotionally ,financially,physically ,mentally & spiritually.Good luck .
March 16, 2019
the support and love i have received here has been a real eye opener. I am learning and gaining knowledge everyday. knowledge is POWER! This group of people are the best. Kind, Compassionate, and understanding to say the least. I was diag. on 03/ 22/18 with invasive adenocarcinoma. non small cell lung CA. I did not no where to turn. Ifound BELONG. Having no one to talk to. Family is to busy and this really is my path So having this group has grounded me. and I have POWER I never knew i had!!!💪
Awesome resource
This “Belong” group is a great encouragement for people who travel the journey called “cancer”! I am elated that I found this resource because many questions and feelings I have and experience have been addressed. It is good to know that others are going through the same experience as you are enduring.
As a husband with a wife fighting cancer, this app has helped us both with ease of mind and answers to questions and concerns. Great community, and specialist, all fighting for the same cause.
Belong App
Use this app all the time, sometimes cry or laugh with all the lovely people who use BELONG. Lots of good information but foremost nice understanding folk xx

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