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cancer headaches

Headaches and Cancer

Drinking Alcohol while on Treatments Can I drink alcohol while on chemotherapy? Well – it depends. First, it depends on how much you plan to

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Targeted therapy

Targeted Therapy

Targeted Therapy Over the past decade, there have been significant advances in cancer treatment and research. A large part of this advancement is thanks to

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The Mask

Masks During the Days of COVID-19: Nowadays, the mask became an integral part of our daily life. We know the drill: mask, frequent handwashing, and

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Brachytherapy, sometimes also called internal radiation therapy, is a type of radiation therapy for treating cancer. The procedure involves placing small radioactive implants inside the

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Does cancer affect sleep

Numerous people going through cancer treatments suffer from insomnia, which may include difficulty falling asleep, waking up sometime during the night and staying awake, or

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