We understand the REAL patient journey

Researching real-life cancer treatment journeys. Revealing hidden patterns using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to advance clinical research and improve patient quality of life

Cutting edge AI, machine learning and proprietary Medical Neural Networks are transforming how partners understand patient journeys

Why researching with Belong?

icon_people Highly engaged patients
icon_analytics Disruptive analytics technologies
icon_patient_do Unparalleled Real World Data

Belong.Life changes the cancer curves:

Understanding what patients REALLY care about, what they REALLY do, and what REALLY worked for them



Helping patients find new pathways



NLP, OCR & Neural Networks 



Accelerating cancer research

Belong can help you accelerate cancer research by understanding real-life treatment journeys, analyzing critical decision points, conducting surveys and providing you with competitive BI.

Recent studies

Recent studies

Identifying the patient journey and treatment lines patterns in metastatic pancreatic cancer
Data from patients using the Belong PPN was able to provide insights into the treatment journeys of MPC patients in
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Mapping PD-1 inhibitors’ side effects using patient reported outcomes (PRO)
Data from the Belong PPN successfully captured the spectrum of PD-1 inhibitors’ reported AEs. Analyzing PRO of post approval treatments
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Belong’s fatigue research info-graphics
Checkout this info-graphics from our latest cancer related fatigue research. To download a PDF version of this info-graphics, click here.
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Belong implementation results at the gynecological cancer care in JGH
See the latest study that was conducted by McGill university and the Jewish general hospital in Toronto, Canada, using the
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2018 Belong’s fatigue survey
New Cancer Patient Survey Shows Emotional Impact of Illness-Related Fatigue Greater than Physical Effect Fatigue is the Strongest Influence of
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