Weight Loss Targets Realization by Patients Living With Overweight or Obesity – Real World Data

Published: 12 May 2024.

Participants: Dan Oieru, Bozhena Haikin, Noy Moisa, Tel Aviv University – School of Medicine, Maccabi Healthcare Services, Belong.Life inc.


Belong is a digital platform which provides professionally moderated digital communities for several chronic conditions. This platform connects patients, healthcare professionals and care management solutions.

MyWeight (MW) is a new patient community in Belong, which debuted in November 2022, providing the platform for people living with overweight or obesity (PwO). There is limited data available on current trends in patients’ weight loss goals (WLG), and it is believed that non-realistic WLG are prevalent among PwO.


We examined real-world individuals’ self-reported goals and practices using a digitally distributed questionnaire administered to MW users during registration. The questionnaire collected users’ demographics, obesity status, comorbidities and WLG.


8,272 users joined MW and 4,284 provided anthropometric data. 3207 (74.7%) users were considered as PwO with 1,461 having obesity and 1,746 overweight (45.6% and 54.4% respectively). Within our cohort of 3207 PwO 82% were females, and the average age was 45.6 (±10.9). 782 (24.4%) users reported at least one obesity related comorbidity (ORC). 7 users did not state their WLG.

Users who stated higher WLG have also reported significantly higher incidence of ORC (31.7%, 26.3%, 21%, 19% for >20Kg, 10-20Kg, 5-10Kg, <5Kg WLGs respectively) and were more prone to consider treatment with anti-obesity medications (16.7%,13%,8.5%,5% respectively).

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