Financial Toxicity In Cancer Patients Receiving Immunotherapy Drugs

Researched by Belong.Life and published by ESMO, 2020 Authors: D Vorobiof, L Hasid, A Litvin, I Deutsch, E Malki. FT has been described as the harmful personal financial burden faced by all patients receiving cancer treatments. Physicians should not be waiting for behavioural changes such as poor compliance, or low or nonadherence, caused by financial […]

Financial Toxicity in American Patients Receiving Cancer Immunotherapy Drugs

Researched by Belong.Life and published by ASCO, 2020Authors: Daniel A. Vorobiof, Lior Hasid, Alon Litvin, Irad Deutsch, Eliran Malki Background: Real-word data obtained through cutting edge technology paired with consumer mobile devices on 310 worldwide pts, members of, an international mobile application, who received immunotherapy for diverse solid tumors, was obtained following a short, […]

Covid 19 infection leading to a subsequent new primary cancer diagnosis, Real-world data (RWD) analysis on members of, a global cancer application

Researched by Belong.Life and published by ASCO Authors: Daniel A. Vorobiof, Bozhena Haikin, Alon Litvin, Irad Deutsch, Eliran Malki. Background:Some known viral infections can lead to a diagnosis of cancer (e.g: HPV, HIV, EBV, etc.) Anecdotical reports of a Covid 19 infection, and the subsequent diagnosis of a new cancer have been mentioned by few […]

The prevalence of Cannabis-related arrhythmias – Real world data evidence (RWDE) and patient’s reported outcomes (PRO) by using digital application (app).

Avishag Laish-Farkash, MD PhD, Luba Vasilenko, MD, Noy Moisa, BSc, Daniel Vorobiof, MD Cannabis consumption has been shown to cause arrhythmias with various ambiguous combinations, including ventricular tachycardia, and potentially sudden death. Suspected mechanisms are: effects of marijuana on cardiac ion channels and on the central nervous system. We aimed to investigate the RWDE and […]

Identifying The Patient Journey And Treatment Lines Patterns In Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer​

Researched by Belong.Life and published by ASCO, 2018 Authors: Daniel Vorobiof, Irad Deutsch, Eliran Malki, Maytal Bivas-Benita Introduction: Checkpoint inhibitors such as programmed cell death receptor 1 (PD-1) antibodies have significantly improved the prognosis in several malignancies. While treatment with the PD-1 targeting antibodies, pembrolizumab and nivolumab, has substantial clinical benefit, it is associated with […]

Mapping PD-1 Inhibitors’ Side Effects Using Patient Reported Outcomes

Researched by Belong.Life and published by ASCOData from the Belong PPN successfully captured the spectrum of PD-1 inhibitors’ reported AEs. Analyzing PRO of post approval treatments could provide deeper understanding of treatment patterns, expose limiting AE that bear implications on cost of treatment, indicate patients’ quality of life (QOL), improve management recommendations and provide a […]

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