Montreal Oncology Medical Team Receives Award for Use of the Belong Beating Cancer Together App


Healthcare providers agreed the app had potential to help with treatment side effects


Healthcare providers answered that the app prevented emergency room visits

This award confirms our commitment and the excellence of our multidisciplinary oncology team toward patients and their families, which we were able to achieve using Belong’s high-engagement platform.

Karine Lepage, Clinico-Administrative Coordinator of Nursing for divisions

The CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, received the Prix de Cancérologie 2022 for the integration of Belong’s Beating Cancer Together app into the Jewish General Hospital, in Montreal, Canada.

Belong’s app supports patients and families throughout their cancer care journey and provides Patient Support Programs (PSPs).

The multidisciplinary oncology team guided hundreds of patients with the help of Belong’s Beating Cancer Together app. The patient-centric platform provided bilingual (English and French) information and resources such as support groups, moderated by Hope & Cope, customized educational content, and disease management tools.

A recent study published by the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal’s team in Current Oncology highlights the impact of Belong’s app on patient care in their network.

In a quality improvement survey of the implementation of the platform*, participating healthcare providers and patients gave the following feedback about’s app:

  • 100% agreed that the app might help patients manage their health (37.5% strongly agree, 50% agree, and 12.5% somewhat agree).
  • 100% of patient feedback indicated that the app was easy to use (43% strongly agree; 57% agree).
  • 87% agreed that the app had the potential to help with treatment side effects.
  • 57% answered that the app prevented emergency room visits.

* 16 healthcare providers and 16 patients.

The Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central Montreal (CIUSSS West-Central Montreal) is committed to providing healthcare recipients with timely access to a seamless continuum of care that focuses on individuals’ particular needs. The area covered by this network is home to approximately 380,000 people, who are served by more than 30 member facilities. Included are one of Montreal’s leading hospitals (the Jewish General Hospital) and an interlocking array of three specialized hospitals, five CLSCs, two rehabilitation centres, six long-term care sites, two-day centres and several affiliated research facilities. Treatment and care are provided by a staff of approximately 13,000, and approximately 800 affiliated doctors.

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