10X Faster access to a cohort of TNBC patients


Quicker results for market research
and understanding of patients journeys


Faster access to a relevant
cohort of patients

Having this access adds credibility to what we do

(Robyn Schlicher, VP of business Development, Pear Bio)

Pear Bio is a life sciences company that monitors the cancer progression of patient-derived tumor samples against potential treatment options.

The company approached Belong to gain fast access to triple-negative breast cancer audiences in the United States and to rapidly understand its product’s feasibility, price points, and patient willingness to enroll in a clinical trial.

Pear Bio was amazed at the degree of participation and the insights gleaned from the Belong platform.

This is pretty unusual having access to so many patients, allowing us to focus on how we can improve our services

(Robyn Schlicher, VP of business Development, Pear Bio)

In addition to learning about the real-world patient journey, the partnership with Belong generated more value than expected. Belong’s platform provided:

  • Fast access to a relevant cohort of triple-negative breast cancer patients.
  • Reliable information about their audience’s needs and interests.
  • Real-world data for credible talking points with investors and physicians.
  • Reliable information on the willingness to use new technologies.
  • New insights for clinical trials.
  • Greater awareness of Pear Bio product.

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