Improving lives of millions

Discover how our users express gratitude for the positive impact Belongs apps have on their lives

Some ground facts about Belong (avg. rate of the past 6 years)*:

  • 91% said Belong app helped them manage their disease better.
  • 94% said they feel more supported.
  • 93% said that Belong’s apps alleviate feelings of isolation.
  • 93% felt more educated
  • 86% felt that they are better prepared for their physician visits.
  • 80% felt less stressed with Belong.
  • Over 93% believe Belong has improved their quality of life, and over 86% believe it has improved their quality of care.
  • We’ve received nearly 1,000 life-saving quotes! with some inspiring and heart-touching stories.

* Survey results, September 2022.

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