Patient Engagement Platform - Belong.Life

Belong's All-in-One SaaS Patient Engagement Platform​

Engaging patients effectively demands domain know-how and experience backed by disruptive technology

End-to-End Patient Centric Solution

Platform Values

Patient Engagement Platform

End-to-end high engagement patient solutions, connectivity,  communities, PROs, RWE, hyper-personalization, auto-care coordination, reminders and more.

Adherence, Awareness & Education

Direct access to patients at the right time with the right message.

Powered by Artificial intelligence

Leveraging machine learning & AI to provide superior engagement, user acquisition and deep data insights.

Designed to improve patient engagement, education, compliance, satisfaction, auto-care coordination and efficiencies.
High engagement solutions provide patients with hyper-personalized and configurable patient engagement tools, navigation tools and management services. Use the elements you need, select our fully managed solution.


Leveraging AI & Machine Learning
for a Hyper-Personalized Experience

Each patient has a unique journey, and therefore different needs.
This is where Belong’s AI kicks in:

Understanding what patients care about, what they really do and what really worked for them.

Treatment Journey and Real-World Data Analytics

Cutting edge AI, machine learning and proprietary medical neural networks are changing the way our partners and us understand patient journeys.

The Platform Serves Providers, Clinics, Payers and Patient Support Programs Via Our Unique Care Management, Engagement And Navigation Tools

Streamlining Patient Navigation

Treatment templates
and reminders

Auto Care

Predictive & Preventive
AI Tools

6 - 1 Weeks

Improve quality of care and cut costs in no time


Treatment journey optimization

Improving patient care and cost of care through effective patient engagement, navigation, big data analytics and machine learning