Sex During a Cancer: Interview with Daniel Vorobiof, MD

Sex may not be a concern when first being diagnosed with cancer, but with time, questions will arise about sex during and after cancer treatment. We asked oncologist and sexuality expert Daniel Vorobiof, M.D., Medical Director of Belong.Life, an international online social network for patients with cancer, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, to explain some issues that all patients with cancer and their partners should know.

One of the main misconceptions surrounding sex and cancer is that patients with cancer shouldn’t be worrying about sex. Although many people undergoing cancer treatments may have a low libido (or sexual desire), it doesn’t mean that they will never be sexually motivated again. Therefore, people should understand how cancer treatment may affect their sexuality during and after their treatment.

Another misconception is that sex is only for the young. Patients of all ages can enjoy sex, and older patients should feel comfortable asking their doctors how their treatment will affect their ability to have sex.

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