ASCO 2024: Oncologists support Belong.Life’s AI cancer mentor Dave

May 24, 2024

Belong.Life has received validation from practising oncologists for the company’s conversational AI oncology mentor Dave.

The New York-based start-up published an abstract on 23 May for its presentation at the upcoming American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting highlighting the positive results of a multi-institutional validation report on Dave.

The survey was conducted by eight senior oncologists from leading medical institutions. The oncologists assessed Dave’s replies for their relevance and helpfulness, aligning them with evidence-based medicine, current recommendations, and guidelines.

Belong.Life’s chief medical officer Dr Daniel Vorobiof said: “This important validation evaluation, conducted by leading oncologists, supports the accuracy and reliability of an AI-powered Cancer Mentor in supporting the complex questions and needs of people diagnosed with cancer.

“Patients and caregivers turning to Dave can rest assured that they are receiving valid information relevant to their personal medical situation. We are strongly encouraged by these excellent results as we continue exploring additional avenues to expand quality AI support to assist patients, caregivers and physicians alike.”

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