How to Navigate Cancer Using Mobile Technology and the Wisdom of the Crowd

February 2017.

Eliran Malki, Founder and CEO of Belong, the only personalized and structured cancer treatment navigator joins eHealth Radio and the Cancer Information and Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Eliran Malki discuss the following:

  •  Belong is a free mobile app for people with cancer. What features does it offer?
  • What kind of information is shared through the community network?
  • What kind of questions can you ask the medical professionals through the app, and how quickly do they respond?
  • Clinical trials are often a key component of cancer treatment.  How could this information be available through a free mobile app?
  • From what you’ve just explained, Belong is patient-centric, but do you also work with providers and payors, and how does this ultimately benefit patients?
  • What motivated you to create a mobile solution for people with cancer?

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