Conversational AI SaaS Solution to Support Cancer Clinical Trials

Belong.Life has officially launched Tara, a SaaS-based conversational AI cancer clinical trial matching platform for health providers and contract research organizations (CROs). According to the company, Tara is designed to accelerate the process of matching patients with eligible clinical trials, enabling increased recruitment at significantly lower costs. Following the launch of Dave, Tara is Belong’s second AI Health Mentor suite of solutions.

“Since our founding, Belong has provided clinical trial matching services to more than 30,000 patients,” said Eliran Malki, CEO, co-founder, Belong.Life, in a company press release. “Tara is a natural extension of our services, helping to optimize clinical trial matching to benefit stakeholders with increased patient recruitment, improved randomization, and reduced costs and logistical challenges. Tara will enable more patients around the world to access clinical trials.”

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