Belong App Helped Me Get Through Cancer

1 September 2022.

A hairdresser in the Poconos said the support of The Belong Beating Cancer Together app helped her get through two different cancer diagnoses.

“They tested and it came back with cancer cells, which is not what you want to hear,” said Veronica Conte, owner of Beauty by V Salon.

Veronica Conte, a hairdresser in the Poconos, recalls the moment she found out she had cancer in her uterus back in February. A fearful diagnosis that hit close to home for her family.

“Well I lost my husband three years ago to pancreatic cancer so that being said, my first thought is my children,” Conte told Eyewitness News.

Veronica’s husband Joseph was just 48 years old when he passed away from stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

She and her two daughters downloaded the Belong.Life App, a free and anonymous resource that provides people with cancer and their families support and information.

“I was his advocate. I was his caregiver and his advocate and I wanted more information and I wanted to know what other people with the same kind of cancer somewhere else, what kind of treatment they were doing,” Conte explained.

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