MS & Couples Therapy

By Lizzie Rubin, a certified sex therapist

In the last weeks, we’ve discussed the effects MS can have on relationships and vice versa.

If you have a distressed relationship on top of MS, a couple’s therapy is not ‘nice to have’ but rather a necessity. 

As we’ve already discussed in previous posts, MS presents unique challenges that might be influenced by the quality of your relationships. The relationship might affect treatment adherence, pain management, symptoms, and disease management in general.

Couples therapy might assist in finding ways to understand each other’s points of view and support each other. It can promote psychological well-being.

With the proper counseling, the relationship can become a place for healing and support. Improving the relationship dynamics, and consequently, health status can enhance the quality of life for all involved. 

If you have any related questions, or subjects you want to discuss, please don’t hesitate to ask, either here or in the Sexuality & MS group.

Have you tried couple’s therapy? Please share your experience with others in the group.


The BelongMS Team

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