How Dave the AI Cancer Mentor Generates Answers

How Dave the AI cancer mentor generates answers

Belong.Life, the leading social network for cancer patients and caregivers, has developed an innovative AI cancer mentor named Dave. Dave is designed to provide personalized and reliable information to cancer patients, helping them navigate their journey with confidence and support.

BelongAI, Dave Cancer Mentor app leverages Belong’s proprietary conversational AI technology to provide relevant and comprehensive patient support. The app was built on seven years of real-world patient journeys from the “Belong – Beating Cancer Together” app and trained on billions of data points provided by the app’s users including patient-to-physician and patient-to-patient interactions. The technology is supported by a vast database of verified information from reputable sources, including medical journals, clinical trials, renowned healthcare institutions, and more. This forms the foundation of Dave’s knowledge base.

Dave’s answers are generated through a meticulous process that uses LLM (large language model engines) to generate content and ensure answers with as much relevancy and accuracy as possible. (see more information on LLM here Dave’s answers are also derived from standard-of-care protocols, including the NCCN guidelines, which can be found at:

Belong.Life places the utmost importance on ensuring as much as possible the information provided by Dave is relevant and helpful. The company’s dedicated team of medical professionals and oncology experts regularly review and update the knowledge base. This process involves rigorous quality control measures to maintain the accuracy and currency of the information.

Furthermore, Belong.Life encourages user feedback and engagement to continuously improve Dave’s responses. Users can provide feedback on the relevance and helpfulness of the answers, allowing Belong.Life to refine and enhance Dave’s capabilities over time.

Disclaimer of liability

BelongAI, Dave Cancer Mentor derives answers from an artificial intelligence engine trained on various data sources Learn more. The service is provided for general informational and educational knowledge and does not provide or constitute professional or medical advice in any way, therefore, it must not be relied upon as such. This is a beta version, and It might provide inaccurate answers. Make all your decisions based on professional advice from licensed and qualified professionals outside the service who fully know your individual needs and circumstances. For more information and a full disclaimer, visit our Terms Of Use

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