Telemedicine and chronic patients

By Dr. Daniel A. Vorobiof, Belong.Life Chief Medical Director.

Telemedicine is an innovative technology that as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, has been utilized more than ever before.

Here are some pros and cons regarding telemedicine:

These are the pros:

 It allows you to be in touch with your Dr, without leaving the comfort of your home.

Your family or caregivers can be with you in the same room, listen and ask questions.

You have less contacts with other sick patients, a form of social distancing important during these difficult times.

 Your Dr can prescribe medications for whatever ailment is affecting you.

 You can have chats with the medical staff about other issues such as side effects, nutrition, psychologist and support programs.

These are the cons:

There is no direct contact with the Dr and there are no clinical examinations.

There is no direct relationship with the medical staff and especially when you are receiving active treatment.

The time spent with the Dr is limited and you need to be prepared with your questions and concerns beforehand. 

The technology is sometimes frustrating, and you might need to ask someone to help you with it.

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