Connecting with people in similar circumstances is invaluable

7 December 2022.

A woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer thanks to a friend’s Facebook post has credited her recovery to a group of strangers around the world who helped her through sleepless nights and gruelling chemotherapy treatment.

Globe trotter Fiona Kane, 56, a former analyst from Richmond in London, found a lump on her breast in January 2020 thanks to a neighbor’s Facebook post urging their friends to check their breasts.

Starting treatment in February 2020, Fiona underwent a double mastectomy before starting chemotherapy just a month later in April during the UK lockdown as the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Feeling alone and isolated she turned to community app, Belong: Beating cancer together, connecting cancer patients across the globe for support.

Leaning on her support system, Fiona picked up tricks to ease the side affects of her chemotherapy whilst also finding friendship, connecting with fellow patients during sleepless nights and post-surgery treatment – crediting the community with helping her through her treatment.

“It was tough having chemotherapy during lockdown,” said Fiona.

She added: “The app has gotten me through the last two years. It carried me when I thought I couldn’t do it.

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