Networking Platform Goes Online in India

July 2021

Indian healthcare solutions provider HealWell24, together with actress and philanthropist Gul Panag, has launched its latest web platform that provides a space for doctors and patients to connect.

WHAT IT DOES claims to be the first online healthcare network in India. The website allows doctors to build their professional network to share and access knowledge and find school alumni, mentors and peers. It provides a safe, private space for them to share information and oaths.

It also offers a platform for patients to connect with other patients with similar health conditions and find answers to health questions or help others with their questions.

Additionally, DocsCampus will provide a platform where pharmaceutical firms can launch “timely and high-quality” products online amid the ongoing pandemic.


In a statement, HealWell24 said it launched its latest platform to enable healthcare professionals across India to build a secure and seamless online network where they can find, consult and transact with one another.

“DocsCampus is a website all set to revolutionise healthcare by providing information and access to patients through a user-managed network of Doctors and Patients owned and moderated with the community at its centre,” it said.

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