Meet Dave: the world’s first conversation AI tool for cancer

June 2023., a global provider of digital healthcare platforms has launched a world-first AI tool for oncology. Health Tech World hears from the company CTO about its game-changing potential to automate and streamline cancer care.

Nearly two million new cancer cases are projected to occur in the US in 2023 alone, while immediate access to specialist care teams can be limited, especially among rural populations.

In an effort to bring a new level of support to cancer patients, last month, launched Dave, the world’s first conversational AI oncology mentor.

The AI tool provides oncology-specific answers to cancer patients’ questions, communicating instantaneously with cancer patients.

With its empathetic tone and an ability to retain long-term memory of previous correspondence, the tool aims to assist clinicians in guiding people through their cancer journey.

One early adopter of the platform is Mark. His cancer journey began in 2018 with a solitary plasmacytoma tumour.

He was declared cancer free after a course of radiation, but a few months later, he was hit with a bad case of neuralgia across his face and scalp.

He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma with 25 tumours in his spine and head. A week later, this number more than doubled to 58.

“My best friend came to visit me,” Mark told Health Tech World.

“He said later that when he saw me, he thought I was a goner and wouldn’t last another week. He thought he was going to have to start working on my eulogy.”

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