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20 January 2023.

App for those fighting cancer helps GA man find community, strength and purpose.

A Georgia man fighting incurable cancer finds community, strength, and purpose. He went looking for the community on an app, and now mentors and inspires hundreds of other patients.

“It is a cancer of the blood plasma. It mutates and then attacks the bones,” said Mark Werner describing his cancer to me.

For someone fighting cancer procedures, treatments, tubes, and trials aren’t the only treatments; sometimes, there is healing in the community.

“This is basically a Facebook for cancer patients. So, it is an open group,” said Mark, showing me the BELONG app on his phone.

Sometimes there is healing in an app.

The BELONG- Beating Cancer Together App, is an app created to help people with cancer, or loved ones of people with cancer; navigate treatment, share experiences and find encouragement.

Mark downloaded this app to connect, he ended up mentoring.

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