Is it the Future of Medicine?

October 2023.

Are AI-driven health bots a new component of care that bridges the communication gap between patients and doctors? Interview with Irad Deutsch, Co-founder and CTO of Belong, a company that developed Dave – a real-time conversational AI oncology coach.

How does Dave work?

Dave marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Dave provides smart, personalized, and accessible information instantaneously, which can greatly improve the quality of care and life for millions of patients worldwide.

Dave was trained on proprietary datasets containing unique de-identified patient-to-physician and patient-to-patient interactions, de-identified medical documents, and PROs, which were aggregated from Belong’s Beating Cancer Together app, the world’s largest social and professional network for cancer patients. Over seven years, these distinct datasets, unique to Belong, have generated billions of data points that were utilized as a training set to elevate Dave to an oncology mentor, where accuracy is combined with responsibility.

In order to establish Dave as a healthcare-grade solution, we have developed a distinctive approach known as ARCH, which is an acronym representing the four fundamental challenges a generative AI platform must address to attain readiness for healthcare applications: Accuracy, Responsibility, Compliance and Hallucinations.

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