“I was looking for a community of people to talk to”

A fit and healthy 22-year-old at the time, Antonio was alarmed when he began needing to go to the toilet incredibly frequently. ‘At first, my doctor thought I had urine cancer,’ Antonio explained.

‘I used to go to the bathroom about 25 times a day before I was diagnosed. I was just breaking down crying because I thought it was cancer.

‘I didn’t realize at the time is was a symptom of MS.

Antonio is embarking on his next journey – becoming a mentor for support app BelongMS. ‘The app helped me a lot when I was first diagnosed,’ he said. ‘I was looking for a community of people to talk to. They’ve also helped me with nutrition because I didn’t know how to eat and they’ve helped me with workouts.’

‘I’m excited and nervous about becoming a mentor. I’ll have my own group, ask questions, answer questions, talk about my illness, what I have to go through. So that’s exciting, I start next week.’

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