First-Ever Proactive Conversational AI Cancer Mentor

February 2024.

Belong.Life Goes All In on AI: Launches First-Ever Proactive Conversational AI Cancer Mentor, Setting New Standard in Personalized Patient Support.

The BelongAI Dave – Cancer Mentor App Provides Proactive Guidance and Case Management, Offering 24/7 Personalized Support, Information and Education.

Belong.Life, a leading global provider of AI-powered patient education and support solutions, has unveiled the BelongAI Dave – Cancer Mentor app to bring the most advanced and comprehensive cancer support technology to patients and caregivers around the world. The new solution marks a significant step forward in personalized cancer support, by providing patients with a proactive and comprehensive conversational-AI solution for managing their journey 24/7.

As a dedicated mentor focused on empowering patients and caregivers, the BelongAI Dave – Cancer Mentor provides round-the-clock guidance, support, and education through personalized information, assistance in finding relevant clinical trials, and tools to enhance communication with healthcare providers. The app’s proactive mentorship, empathetic support, and unique case management approach ensures that users receive the guidance they need when they need it.

The new solution comes on the heels of the successful 2023 launch of Dave, the world’s first AI oncology mentor, in Belong’s Beating Cancer Together app. Dave currently supports hundreds of thousands of cancer patients in the app and has generated exceptionally high levels of engagement. The patient demand for exclusive AI support, along with the tremendous accolade Dave received from both patients and physicians, prompted the launch of the standalone app.

Eliran Malki, Co-founder and CEO of Belong.Life, expressed the company’s commitment to democratizing access to high-quality cancer support, stating, “Our vision is to provide every patient with the highest level of care. Proximity to the hospital or bank account size shouldn’t determine priority for answering patients’ questions or attending to patient’s needs. The BelongAI Dave – Cancer Mentor app will allow us to make personalized cancer support accessible and affordable to all, for the fraction of the cost of traditional mentorship services, at the price of a few cups of coffee.”

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