Expect These Healthcare Trends in 2024

January 2024.

Artificial intelligence will push into new territories to advance revenue management, health equity, and workforce woes, experts say.

If 2023 marked the era of explosive advancements in generative AI tools, then 2024 is poised to be the year when healthcare leaders harness these innovations to redefine the industry’s future. With a focus on leveraging AI tools to improve revenue cycles, operational efficiency, and patient care, the coming year promises significant strides in health equity, and workforce shortages.

DHI reached out to leading healthcare experts, and here’s their predictions on what will shape the industry in 2024:

Eliran Malki, CEO of Belong.Life:

Health equity and personalized medicine

“The year 2024 and beyond will see a transformative impact of AI as it enhances healthcare accessibility, narrowing the divide between urban hubs and underserved communities. The integration of telemedicine and AI-driven virtual assistants will guarantee high-quality care for everyone, irrespective of their geographic location. The patient experience will undergo a transformation through personalized treatment plans and AI-powered virtual assistants, placing a renewed emphasis on patient well-being and empowering individuals to manage their health proactively.

“Moreover, AI-driven algorithms will equip healthcare providers to intervene at the earliest stages, averting illnesses and preserving numerous lives. AI is poised to emerge as the ultimate collaborative partner, seamlessly working alongside physicians, nurses, and researchers to enhance their capabilities and furnish unprecedented actionable insights that will change the face of healthcare and medicine.”

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