Dr. Buganim, Was Awarded the 2016 Boyalife Science & Science Translational Prize

June 2016.

We wish to congratulate and at the same time are very proud that he is on the BELONG team!

Dr. Joseph Buganim, a biological research lab director and head of research at the HUJ , was awarded the prestigious 2016 Boyalife Science & Science Translational Medicine Prize in stem cells and regenerative medicine.

This is the first time the prize is awarded to scientists and researchers that have made outstanding contributions in the field of stem cell research and regenerative medicine worldwide.

Regenerative medicine is a new and evolving field, which deals with the replacement and/or regeneration of human tissues and organs, to restore function. Embryonic stem cells represent a huge potential in the field because they can divide into all cell types in the human body. However, there are two major obstacles that prevent their use in medicine: ethical issues and the rejection by the patient’s immune system.

Despite the enormous potential that exists, there is still not enough information in order to use in clinical practice, it is still necessary to find the best protocol will allow the production of high quality embryonic stem cells that will not be a threat to patients.

Two major breakthroughs were achieved in Dr. Buganim’s lab, which significantly advance regenerative medicine and organ trancplants.

Dr. Buganim manages the “Ask the Researcher” family within BELONG.

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