CTO Irad Deutsch on Belong’s Highly Specialized AI chat

Patients throng to communities where they can get practical life advice in a depth that only fellow patients can offer. Belong.life is an online community and app designed to combine many forms of support patients benefit from.

According to Irad Deutsch, co-founder and CTO, the average patient engages on the platform 15 times per month, demonstrating its value. The condition for which Belong.Life was created was cancer, but they have branched out into many other conditions. They now allow other organizations, such as pharmaceutical companies and hospitals, create communities there.

A patient who receives a diagnosis is often confused, desperate, and overwhelmed. When they sign up on Belong.Life, they are connected immediately to long-term patients, experts, and even an AI mentor to hold their hand and reduce stress. Some 2000 data points help the platform connect the new patient to patients similar to them in symptoms, drugs, emotional states, etc.

Patient are anonymous. But their data is central to the service, which Deutsch says they plan to “use data to drive patient journeys in a better way.” For instance, seven years of cancer data from anonymous patients can help them provide a highly specialized AI chat that knows the patient and can provide specific advice about how to make systems work for them.

The platform is also holistic, going beyond the disease. View the video for the various tools and services offered by Belong.life.

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