The Pioneers in the Future of AI in Healthcare reported last week about a 3-year search for a correct diagnosis for 4-year-old Alex, suffering from unexplained and increasing pain, arrested growth, dragging his left foot with gait, severe headaches, and other symptoms. After going through fruitless consultations with 17 doctors, Alex’s mother shared with ChatGPT her son’s symptoms and all the information she could gather from his MRIs.

ChatGPT’s answer was “tethered cord syndrome.” It was an accurate diagnosis and Alex had surgery to detach the spinal cord from where it was stuck at the tailbone. His health improved considerably.

“Data is king,” says Irad Deutsch, co-founder and CTO of Belong.Life. Its proprietary conversational AI technology is based on “seven years of real-world patient journey data.” The anonymized data has been collected by the world’s largest social and professional network for cancer patients, Belong’s Beating Cancer Together app. Billions of data points capture unique patient-physician and patient-to-patient interactions.

Based on this data, Belong’s conversational AI oncology mentor for cancer patients, Dave, communicates empathetically with users and retains a long-term memory of previous correspondence, allowing continuous communication across multiple chat sessions. Dave’s conversation is personalized, addressing the entire medical history of the patient when answering.

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