Belong.Life Launches App to Support MS Patients and Healthcare Professionals

May 2020.

Belong.Life has launched a free and anonymous social network app to offer support for people with multiple sclerosis (MS), their caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

The MS app is called BelongMS and is now available worldwide. It can be downloaded for Android and iOS.

BelongMS combines Belong.Life’s proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms with clinical expertise to provide information and support to people with MS, with each user receiving a personalized feed of information and updates.

Through the app, users are given access to support groups, where they can share their own personal experiences, offer advice, and support each other through the day-to-day challenges that come with living with a chronic illness. Users also have access to medical professionals, including neurologists, radiologists, and urologists, who can answer their questions. 

The platform provides online tools, such as a digital medical binder that can be used to store and organize medical records. The binder can be shared with loved ones and/or healthcare providers through private and secure channels.

The app also offers a treatment navigator to provide tips and reminders related to a person’s individual treatment, and a feature that uses algorithms to match users with ongoing clinical trials being conducted around the world.

BelongMS originally was launched in Israel, and according to Belong.Life, a quarter of MS patients living there are already using the app. 

“We are leveraging our market-proven experience in patient engagement, backed by disruptive technology, to provide effective support for patients across the healthcare continuum,” Eliran Malki, co-founder and CEO of Belong.Life, said in a press release.

“People who receive challenging diagnoses need to make critical decisions, and have access to the relevant data and support they need. Belong is providing a unique comprehensive support and management solution where patients can share and learn from their peers, connect with professionals, and better navigate their unique journey all on one app,” Malki said.

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