Launches AI Clinical Trial Matching Assistant for Cancer

September 2023. today announced the launch of Tara, a new conversational AI SaaS solution to assist health providers and CROs with cancer clinical trial matching and recruitment.

– Available as a SaaS solution for providers, hospitals, health systems, CROs and other organizations, the technology can be embedded into websites, mobile apps or text messaging platforms to enable easy communication with opt-in patients.

AI SaaS Solution for Cancer Clinical Trial Matching

There are currently more than 136,000 clinical trials available in the U.S. but existing databases are hard to navigate, and participation criteria are often difficult to decipher, making it challenging for patients to identify relevant trials. Additionally, many patients don’t know that clinical trials are an option. A study published by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) found that 46% of surveyed oncology patients were not aware that clinical trials may be a viable option.

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