Belong Announces Two Studies Based on RWD at ASCO 2023

Belong.Life has announced that the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has published two abstracts in its 2023 Annual Meeting Abstract Book based on data aggregated from the Belong Beating Cancer Together app. The abstracts provide key insights into significant challenges for oncology patients, including impaired quality of life and the increased risk of developing a cancer associated thrombosis event.

The first study (abstract 6592) examined the prevalence of restrictive behavioral practices among cancer patients, analyzing restrictions related to interactions with others, visiting public places and more. The second study (abstract e18774)explored patients’ awareness of the heightened risk of developing a cancer associated thrombosis (CAT) event, a potentially fatal complication in which the pro-coagulation properties in cancer cells along with anti-cancer treatments contribute to the development of blood clots. The data for these studies was collected on Beating Cancer Together, the largest high-engagement digital community for people with cancer and their caregivers, used by one in ten cancer patients in the United States.

“Our aggregated real-world data uncovers critical observations, enhancing the understanding of true patient journeys and providing invaluable insights for physicians, patients and the global oncology ecosystem,” said Belong.Life CEO Eliran Malki. “We are grateful to our researchers and clinicians for shedding light onto crucial issues in cancer care, as well as to the committed Belongers who took the time to participate in these studies. Belong is dedicated to continue utilizing technology to empower and support patients around the world.”

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