Oncology Community Unites to Bring Innovation to Patients With Cancer

September 2020.

Some of the most exciting new data at this year’s congress included advancements in lung cancer, breast cancer, genitourinary cancers, and gastrointestinal cancers. Several experts spoke with Targeted Oncology to share their thoughts on some of the most impactful abstracts from the 2020 ESMO Congress.

Breast Cancer

During the 2020 ESMO Congress, a number of studies were presented in the breast cancer field, but some of the most exciting data in this space revolved around targeted therapies. Several agents demonstrated promising data in clinical trials across a variety of subgroups of patients with breast cancer.

“There was good new data in breast cancer, and there were some less good or maybe contrasting results in some of the trials,” said Vorobiof. “I think from the breast cancer point of view, there were [many] interesting data, and some of them will become standard treatments, in the near future.”

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