Zvi Eichbaum
Fighting ALL (Leukemia)

Do you or a family member have cancer? What kind? 

Luckily I am the only one in my family that contracted cancer.  The cancer I have is ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia), this type of Leukemia is common for children (the perfect proof that men are children… and I’m a man)

How did you first hear about BeLong?

On Facebook.  I think it was in one of the cancer related sites I follow and I came across the BeLong app.

What was your experience like with BeLong?

My experience with the app is very good!  I read content on a daily basis.  Sometimes I learn new things and sometimes I share my experience.  I also created a private family just for general chats.  I use it a lot at night when I have trouble sleeping, which is another side effect caused by all the pills prescribed to me that I take.  During painful and sleepless nights, I pour my heart out to the members of the family I created and it helps me, it is a great emotional outlet which other members of this group also use, once I’m done writing I feel that a heavy stone has been taken of my heart.  I advertised this support group on Facebook and several new members have joined since.  In short my experience with BeLong is very good!

How do you think it changed the way you approached your treatment?

This app and its various support and experts groups are the only place where I feel “at home” and comfortable to pour my heart out, write about my pains and share the hardships with members that share my fate.  I tried to create a similar group within Facebook but I couldn’t.  Here (in the BeLong), it was simple.  Besides the support group, the various groups with doctors, nurses and medical staff have interesting content.  I have become an avid reader of the content they create.

What is your opinion about BeLong ?

I have expressed my opinion here based on my personal experience and with clean hands (painful but clean 🙂 ).  To sum it up – I am very happy with the app and I am not part of the organization.  I’m just another patient with children’s leukemia and a plain BeLong user.