A Love Letter – BCT – en

A Love Letter To all couples going through this journey, may this letter bring you hope and inspiration. Dearest, I want to remind you of the promises we have made, and I invite you to make new promises together with me as we go through this journey together. Promise me you will always remember that … Continued

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Have Faith – BCT – en

Have Faith When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I went into fight mode and fought like hell to survive and beat it. It consumed every minute of every day. I went through surgery, chemo, radiation and now anastrozole. I lost my hair, lost my nails, battled against neuropathy, muscle and joint pain, insomnia, … Continued

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cancer headaches

Headaches and Cancer

Headaches and cancer Treatments headaches are a possible side effect of different types of cancer treatments. These include some chemotherapy drugs, radiation, and immunotherapy. Other medications for treating cancer-related symptoms or other conditions might cause headaches as well. Some patients may experience other side-effects, such as anemia, dehydration, constipation or others that they by themselves … Continued

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Alcohol chemotherapy

Can you drink alcohol while on chemotherapy?

Drinking Alcohol while on Treatments Can I drink alcohol while on chemotherapy? Well – it depends. First, it depends on how much you plan to drink and how often. It also depends on what type of cancer you have and what treatments you receive. Excessive drinking is never a good idea, let alone while receiving … Continued

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Targeted therapy

Targeted Therapy

Targeted Therapy Over the past decade, there have been significant advances in cancer treatment and research. A large part of this advancement is thanks to Targeted therapy’s success, otherwise known as precision medicine or personalized medicine that allows for individual cancer patients to receive treatment based on their own genetic information. Because the target – … Continued

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The Mask

Masks During the Days of COVID-19: Nowadays, the mask became an integral part of our daily life. We know the drill: mask, frequent handwashing, and social distancing. Knowing it, understanding it, and abiding by the law, does not necessarily mean we have to like it. Right? Some Belongers that discussed this issue in various groups … Continued

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“The World Goes Round and Round” – Dizziness

”I feel faint”, ”I feel as if I’m going to fall”, ”I’m dizzy”, ”I’m lightheaded”, ”I’m just standing there, and the room keeps spinning around me”. Does any of these sound familiar? Dizziness might be a symptom of cancer or a side effect of different treatments, including some types of chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormonal therapies, … Continued

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Laughter is the best medicine

When was the last time you laughed so hard tears came to your eyes? Most likely, it’s been a while. After all, fighting cancer can be a grim business. What are you supposed to chuckle about? We’ll get to that. But first, consider this: Laughter is powerful medicine, as countless studies show. It can’t cure … Continued

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Brachytherapy, sometimes also called internal radiation therapy, is a type of radiation therapy for treating cancer. The procedure involves placing small radioactive implants inside the body, in or near the tumor. The different kinds of implants are called pellets, seeds, ribbons, wires, needles, capsules, balloons, or tubes.  The local radiation damages the DNA of the … Continued

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Why do cancer patients get oral thrush?

Cancer and some cancer treatments can lead to severe oral fungal infections due to candidiasis and also called mucositis or oral thrush. The signs of oral thrush include white spots or inflamed red areas in the mouth and throat. Thrush can be painful and may cause difficulties in eating or speaking.  What Can You Do?  … Continued

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