Blood Cell Count

The purpose of cancer treatments is to destroy cancer cells. Unfortunately, the treatments (chemotherapy, radiation and more) can also affect healthy cells, which may result

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Radiation Therapy

In radiation therapy, ionizing radiation is used to destroy tumor cells in a focused manner. With the proper planning of the team of specialists (including

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Who We Are?

  Has anyone ever introduced you as ”my friend with breast cancer?” What? How did everything about you crumble into a two-word description? No longer

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Genetic Testing

A cancerous cell is a cell that tends to divide in an uncontrolled way. All cancerous cells originate in one cell in which several mutations

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Debbie Downer

You know the type. She stops by (when you want to nap) with a casserole (which you’ve told her makes you nauseous). Then you listen to

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Cancer App Benefits

One of the most life changing pieces of news is a positive diagnosis for cancer. Seemingly overnight, receiving such news turns your world upside down

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