5 common mistakes made by cancer patients

“The most important skill is the ability to learn from personal experience, ours and others.” E. Shapiro

One of the outstanding advantages of Belong is the knowledge and the information you share with each other.

This time we picked several common mistakes we’re sure they can help you manage and fight cancer more effectively

5 common mistakes

  • Patients are embarrassed to ask their doctors questions about things they don’t understand
  • Sometimes decisions are made without knowing or understanding alternatives and their meaning
  • Often patients arrive to appointments/treatments/examinations without being ready, this causes delay and loss of precious time which is a critical resource when fighting the disease.
  • Using food supplements and nutrition regimes without consultation with the treating physician.  Certain supplements can be plain harmful and even contradicting with certain treatments and can greatly affect the efficacy.
  • Performing genetic testing at later stages of the illness instead of when it is discovered or during early stages.  In many cases, biological and immunotherapy treatment after several chemo bouts isn’t as efficient as in early stages.
  • Not knowing that in many cases you have the right to choose your treating physician and institution according to his/her specialty.

We thank you for sharing and empowering the wisdom of the crowd.

Best of health.
Belong Team.