second opinion

Second Opinion

A diagnosis of cancer raises many concerns, anger, confusion, but also quite a few doubts. Is this the right treatment for my situation? Is there another treatment with less side effects? Maybe the test results are wrong to start with? Did the doctor misdiagnose me? Did he miss something? And maybe he believes in a certain way of treatment and is not necessarily open to other lines of treatments? All these questions increase the need for a second opinion.

Another medical opinion is a medical right that is anchored in the law of Patient Rights, and it means to turn to another medical professional in order to receive their professional opinion, based on medical documents, imaging, biopsy results, physical exams of the patient and more, when the patient is at an important decision-making point about treatment or continuing his medical treatment. It could be a decision before surgery, before an invasive test, or before a treatment that is suggested by the treating physician. 

A second opinion can help reach a decision or provide the patient and his family with a feeling of confidence regarding the decision that was reached. Do you usually request a second opinion before every important decision-making crossroad? Did you know that you can also request a second opinion for imaging test (MRI, CT, PET-CT, and more) and for biopsy results? What do you do when the second opinion contradicts the first one?

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