Dr. Dorit Nitzan
Two times Breast Cancer survivor

How did you first hear about Belong?

When I was diagnosed I was looking for a platform that would link me with professional advice, the most updated clinical trials etc. while searching I “bumped” into Belong and- we have been family ever since…

 What was your experience like with the app?

This app links us all, people who live with cancer, families, friends and specialists. It provides us with an instant access to crowd and professional wisdom. The Belong team matches people with clinical trials, and provides medical, palliative and social support. The “families”, the groups of people who are faced with specific cancers, are our homes. We upload our files, share our knowledge and questions, and support each other.

How do you think it changed the way you approached your treatment?

The answers I received from Belong Team and “my” family members have been guiding me to make sensible decisions regarding the treatments, coping with the situation and overcoming side effects of the treatment. The personal contact, the friendships, as virtual as they are, have been the connections and linkages that were needed for me and my family during this turbulent times.

What were the greatest advantages to using Belong?

Being at arm reach with senior doctors, nurses, experts. They are accessible to all. For free. Linking and guiding those who are suitable for clinical trials, and guiding us on best treatments and care. Sharing with us updated information on new studies and developments. Supporting us, literally caring for us, pulling and pushing us through this challenging time in our lives.

I thank Belong! I am fortunate to belong to their family:)

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