How can I help someone with cancer long distance?

We have summarized some of the actions and gestures that helped the Belong users the most, regarding helping cancer patients from afar:

Most cancer patients want friends and family to stay in touch: call, text and be there for them.

“For me the feeling of isolation was overwhelming. Anyway, I hear from a friend or relative it helps so much. Texts and emails are fine, but there is nothing like the sound of a loved one’s voice to lift the spirit. Just call and say hi I’ve been thinking of you”.

You should continue to treat them as before and be the same friend or family member as you have always been.

“Whether family or friends, continue the relationship as it has always been”

“just treat me the same as you did before the cancer”

“I too just want to feel normal and not forgotten. I am still the same person but now dealing with the fight of my life.”

You might also consider sending nice cards:

“my former co-workers formed a card group and I received anywhere from one to three cards a week. I ended up receiving over 50 cards and they really helped lift my spirits and kept me strong through treatment “

And lastly, you might want to have meals delivered to your friend’s house.

Any helpful action or kind gesture that will show them that you are still there for them, that you think about them and care, regardless of the distance.