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Cancer Day

Sending you a virtual hug on this World Cancer Day.
Throughout the year the Belong.Life world-renowned experts stand in unity with all the Belong warriors.
Be well, live long- Belong- Beating Cancer Together.


I lost my hair, lost my nails, battled against neuropathy, muscle and joint pain, insomnia, self-pity, and depression.
But, through this all I am now cancer free.
It always helps to reach.

A Love Letter

To all the couples going through this journey, we would like to share this letter with you, written by a woman to her husband.

We hope it brings you hope and inspiration.

Breast Cancer Q&A

With Dr. Daniel Vorobiof Renowned Oncologist & Breast Cancer Specialist, Medical Director at Belong.Life

- Instagram Live October 27, 2020 -

covid19 & cancer

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have serious implications for cancer patients Read more for Dr. Vorobiof’s latest contributions to the fight to keep those affected by cancer informed on the impact of COVID-19.