About Belong

Belong.Life is the world’s largest social network for cancer patients and caregivers. Belong is a free patient navigation app that gives voice to cancer patients and their support network to explore and better manage their treatment journey and improve quality of life. The belong app and community enables our “Belongers” to connect with top physicians, advocates, providers and other patients undergoing similar treatment, empowering them to share information, learn, consult, manage and overcome mutual challenges.


About Fatigue

Fatigue is a common symptom reported by cancer patients and which in high levels affects their quality of life, emotional, psychological and lifestyle.


About the Survey

A real-world data survey was designed to evaluate, from the patients’ perspective, the fatigue effect on their treatment, as well as their emotional and physical state.

A survey was created in a digital format with 13 questions. The survey was sent to a random group of patients that are members in the Belong community. 505 patients completed the survey anonymously. Here we report the results of the survey followed by a mathematic model and machine learning analysis that revealed correlations hidden from the human eye.


Download the Survey

To download the 2018 Belong’s Fatigue survey results, Click here.


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