Survey Finds Strong Provider Interest in Mobile Health Apps

Taken from iHealthBeat.

Nearly half of health care professionals would like to incorporate smartphone applications into their practices within five years,according to a new Research Now survey, MobiHealthNews reports.

Survey Details

For the survey, the researchers polled 1,000 mobile health app users and 500 health care professionals. The researchers defined a health care professional as allied health professionals, nurses and physicians.

Survey Findings

Among surveyed health care professionals, the researchers found:

  • 46% would like to introduce health apps into their practices within five years;
  • 19% do not expect to start using apps at their practices within the next five years; and
  • 16% are using health apps in their practices now.

In addition, the survey found:

  • About 86% of health care professionals said that apps would help increase their understanding of patients’ conditions;
  • 72% said patients who use apps would likely take greater responsibility for their health;
  • About 50% said apps would make treatment more efficient; and
  • 46% said apps would improve provider-patient relationships.

Meanwhile, 37% of health care professionals said the apps would improve patients’ quality of life, compared with 96% of patients who said the apps would do so.

Among the surveyed mobile health app users, the survey found:

  • 60% of use apps to track activity and workouts;
  • 53% use apps for exercise motivation;
  • 49% count calories using apps;
  • 32% said they share data collected through apps with their providers;
  • 30% use apps to monitor existing health conditions; and
  • 29% use apps for medication reminders (Pai, MobiHealthNews, 3/18).

Smiling young woman using a mobile phone