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2018 Fatigue Study

A real-world data survey was designed to evaluate, from the patients’ perspective, the effects of fatigue on
their treatments as well as their emotional and physical state.
The full study including A.I. prediction models can be found at:

About Belong.Life

Belong is the world’s largest social network for cancer patients and caregivers. Belong perfects patient education, engagement and navigation

About Fatigue

A common symptom reported by cancer patients that often adversely affects them emotionally and psychologically as well as their quality of life and lifestyle

The participants

505 patients completed the survey anonymously within 3 days

The effects of fatigue

505 patients completed the survey anonymously within 3 days

Dealing with fatigue

Methods that help alleviate fatigue

The 7 top tips provided by users

44% of survey respondents said the Belong app helps them deal with fatigue

The survey was conceived and implemented by on a pro bono basis, no fees were paid to The survey results presented in this report are not statistically valid and should not be considered as an accurate reflection of the opinions of the respondents. Neither the questions nor the survey methodologies conform to standard practices. Participant responses have not been verified. This survey is for information purposes only. Due to sample size, results should be seen as issues for further discussion, not complete representations. We assert that any business or investment decisions should not be made solely based on the information presented in the survey. Although care has been taken to ensure complete and accurate survey results, recipients of this survey accept the possibility of unintended errors or omissions. The provided data will be summarized and anonymized and in no event will include personal information.

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