Coping with side effects

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Alleviating the bitter taste that follows chemotherapy:
  • Eating a green apple
  • Chewing ice chips opsicles, mints and sweets
  • Sucking on pineapple
  • Drinking cold sparkling water.


How to treat and prevent dry scalp:
  • Massage your scalp (and face) with coconut oil right after you shower.
  • Alternatively use your face cream to hydrate the skin on your scalp.


Soothing oral lesions that follow chemo:
  • Rub the lesion with raw tahini
  • Gargle salt water after every meal
  • Gargle water with a table spoon of baking soda and lemon.


Boosting your energy and maintaining a normal blood count:
  • Mix a healthy shake! Use ingredients like wheatgrass, fresh fruit and veggies.
  • One recommended combination – beets, carrots, apples, oranges and some honey.
  • If you’re a meat eater, you can eat chicken liver.
  • Either way, physical activity is highly recommended.


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Coping with side effects of chemo (002)