The American Cancer Society partners with Belong

Belong Works with the American Cancer Society to Bring Millions of Cancer Patients A Mobile Information Hub At Their Fingertips.

The American Cancer Society partners with Belong: Beating Cancer Together, providing patients living with cancer and care providers access to high quality information and support

New York — November 2017 — Belong Beating cancer together is adding an American Cancer Society channel to its platform.

This new relationship will add the American Cancer Society’s trusted information and resources to the Belong network, that offers patients battling cancer unprecedented free access to information through a wide, comprehensive range of features, including global physicians, customized alerts about clinical trials, unrestricted access to information, and a large global cancer support community.

Together, the two organizations are committed to their shared mission:

  • Improving Patient Quality of Life for cancer patients and their families
  • Increasing Patient Awareness by providing access to high-quality content and unique digital services

The American Cancer Society will lead an informative forum on the Belong platform, under the name: American Cancer Society4U. Belong users will be able to read relevant information that connects them to resources, as well as contact the American Cancer Society via the app.

“Through the relationship between the American Cancer Society and Belong, we hope to provide a new community of patients and their caregivers with relevant cancer-related information at their fingertips,” says ACS Chief Cancer Control Officer Richard Wender, MD.“This mobile platform provides yet another channel for us to engage with cancer patients and get them the information they need to make their care and treatment decisions from any location. This is an example of our commitment to innovation and to helping patients become more connected, empowered and well-informed.”

“I thank the American Cancer Society for joining the Belong network. We believe the American Cancer Society’s information and programs are highly valuable to our patient community and I have no doubt that this is another big step in our vision to improve patients’ quality of life, and support patients and their loved ones who are coping with this disease,” says Eliran Malki, co-founder and CEO of Belong. “We believe in better journeys for better outcomes. We aspire to improve the quality of life of people who fight cancer by providing them with an advanced digital information hub, empowering solutions and making each patient’s journey a smarter, more informed and more pro-active one.”